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The Advantage of Miami Skydiving Adventures

Nationwide Network of Skydiving Centers

At Miami Skydiving Adventures, you not only get to book your first skydive in Miami, you can change your reservation to any of our nationwide associated facilities. Our vast network of skydiving centers are in the business of providing you and your friends with as much fun as can be had in a day! No matter where you are, through the help of one of our professional reservation specialists, we'll find a skydiving center in Florida for you to begin your journey of free flight!

Experienced Miami Skydiving Instructors

At Miami Skydiving Adventures, we partner with Tandem Skydiving instructors and Accelerated Freefall instructors who are skilled and experienced to ensure your first skydive is as safe and memorable as it can possibly be! When you book your Tandem Skydive in Miami, you can rest assured that your instructors are qualified and excited to provide you with an amazing skydiving adventure! Miami Skydiving Adventures instructors have found their passion and live their dream daily by sharing the gift of flight with people just like you.

Safe and Secure Skydiving Facilities in Miami

While Tandem Skydiving in Miami is fun and exciting, it is also a safe and memorable way to create incredible life experiences! Did you know that out of the approximate 2 million skydiving jumps made each year, only 1% result in fatalities? That's a one in 57,000 chance compared to one out of every 6500 fatal American car crashes each year. Your chances of getting in a car wreck on the way to the drop zone are greater than your chances of being injured during a Tandem Skydive in Miami.

Courteous and Helpful Miami Reservation Specialists

Our professional skydiving reservation staff are available 7 days per week because we know that the decision to skydive in Miami can come to you at anytime and we want to be sure we're available to help you book your life-changing experience. Our staff is versed in Tandem Skydiving and Accelerated Freefall courses in Miami. Give us a call and let us take the trouble out of the booking process, helping you take that first step towards your big leap!

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